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  • Search for Unusual parts of an organization name. For example, to find "Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation," search for "Jeremiah Denton".
  • This search is not case sensitive.
  • If you include only a common word ("theater"), include the town to limit the results.
  • Using the default settings, the order of the words does not matter. Example: "LAZARUS ORDER" retrieves the "ORDER OF ST. LAZARUS".
  • Spelling must be exact, so avoid words that may be abbreviated. Example: "ST." IN "ST. LAZARUS".
  • Some names are abbreviated (e.g., INSTITUTION is INST or UNIVERSITY is UNIV.) For best results, try both. (We plan to standardize these soon.)
  • Surround multiple words with QUOTATION MARKS if the words must appear together (e.g., "SIERRA CLUB" instead of SIERRA CLUB).
  • Advanced search only: Put a space on either side of a word to exclude, for example, "Buford" from a search for "Ford".
    In this example, type " Ford " in the search box.
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Freeform Filter examples:
  • INCOME BETWEEN 1000000 AND 1000000
    (INCOME=gross receipts; ASSETS=total end-of-year assets; you can also use '1e6' for $1 mil., '1.2e7' for $12 mil., etc.)
  • EIN in ('541282616', '510169168', '112697261', '592174510', '131656634', '136110212') AND taxyr ='2004'

* Tax Period is the organization's most recently completed tax period. The date is typically the last day of the organization's fiscal year

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