Community Impact Circle Features

Community Impact Circles provide a number of features to groups of organizations that wish to work together to track performance and measure their collective impact on the community they serve.

The following features are included:

  • Manage or create the Impact Circle.
  • Manage usersYou can have as many or as few members as you'd like.  Most members will be associated with individual organizations but you may also have a Circle Administrator whose job it is to manage the overall project.
  • Manage organizations.  The Circle Administrator determines whether the Circle is open to any organization that wishes to join or if approval from any member, the group as a whole, or the Administrator is required.  The Administrator can add organizations and their programs by
  • CommunicateWe currently provide a summary of services that can be used by the Circles for online or phone-only chats.  The KnowledgeBase, which permits users to post an unlimited number of comments per entry, can also be used for written discussions.
  • Document Vault and Knowledge Sharing.  The KnowledgeBase provides a repository for documents or "snippets" of information that you wish to share with members of your Circle.  (You have the option to make them public or keep them private for your Circle only.)
  • Manage project activities
  • Manage tasks.
  • Performance Measurement Tools.
  • Measure Community Impact You can use the Community Indicators that we already have in the system or upload your own data, such as education or crime statistics.

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